Two friends, two bikes, one day.

Wanderlust is about Morgan’s search for her center. She looks for it in her best friend, but one day on the beach, finds it right where it should be.


Amelia • Carolyn Corbett
Morgan • Nurit Monacelli
Sebastian • David Jacob Ryder / Kevin Corstange


Writer/Director/Producer/EditorMelissa Hammel
Director of Photography • DeSales Linton
Set Designer • Amanda Ray Clegg
Gaffer • Libby Casinelli
Camera Assistants • Amy Silverman • Jill Calvern • Erla Skulidottir • Christina Kotz • Isa Jacobson
Locations Manager • Bob Giovinelli
Casting Videographer • Jonathan Troll
Sound Recordists • Jenny Kitch • Ted Altman
Still Photography • Wendy Bednarz


"You made a perfect film. So much thought went into each shot. I love the detail. The story was well written, well shot. I can't wait to see the next."
- Jessica Sanders, Academy Award® Nominated Filmmker

"Wanderlust is about character and characters’ interiors and about mood and tone. It feels light and deep at the same time. This feels like something I’ve encountered less. And I like it."
- Nicholas Souza, Filmmaker

"You have the introspect, narrowing in on life's details."
- John Von Brachel, Writer/Editor

"Your work is delightful and soulful."
- Sandra Bowie, Educator

"It is, and I do not say this at all lightly, one of the best short films I have seen to date. It feels lazy and meandering and yet precise at the same time."
- Kevin Corstange, Actor


Narrowsburg Int'l Film Festival, 1999